Sep–Oct 2018 Issue

SSO Concerts with a Twist

Think classical music can only be enjoyed in a plush concert hall? And that percussion and brass instruments always have to take a back seat to the strings? Well think again! [read more]

Oh Yes, the Musicians are Professionals!

Are SSO musicians full-time professionals? Is what I pay for my ticket enough to cover the costs of the concert? Why does the SSO need my donation? Read more about the business side of SSO concerts. [read more]

New Partnerships for a New Season

What do a race course, a TV station, an embassy, and an Australian orchestra have in common? They are all the latest partners of the Singapore Symphony Group! [read more]

For Young Musicians: Lessons and the Chance to Perform

How does the Singapore Symphony Group (SSG) develop and showcase talent in young instrumentalists? Find out how young music talent get the support they need through learning and performance. [read more]