Guidelines for Concert Photography for Singapore Symphony Group Marketing

Thank you for taking up this assignment. We are very grateful for your contribution, which is valuable for our marketing needs and forms a part of the orchestra's history.

The following guidelines seek to give you an idea of the nature of photos we seek:

PURPOSE. Our concert photographs are not just for record and post-concert showcase, but also for:

  • Future marketing. E.g. a wide shot of the SSO at Botanic Gardens with a large audience in the foreground is often used to market our future Botanic Gardens concerts.
  • Artiste and musician showcases. E.g. photo of a musician may be used in content relating to him/her/instrument. We appreciate photos that tell a story or show interesting character.
  • Reporting/research/analysis. E.g. hall occupancy, a wide shot of the audience visually informs us how full the hall is/ which seats are empty. Photos of attendees also help us identify what kind of people attend our concerts. For internal reference.

It is a common misconception that we only want photos of the performance and of musicians performing on stage. This is not true. Photos of the audience enjoying themselves are extremely valuable to us. As a general guideline, an ideal photography assignment delivers the following types of photos:

20-30% Audience Enjoyment. Photos of:

  • Audience enjoying concert experience, smiling, amazed, reacting positively. Inside or outside hall.
  • Audience applauding, cheering.
  • Any angle is appreciated, whether close-up from the front (faces), wide shot of the entire hall applauding, or from the back of audience with hands raised in applause.
  • Attendees perusing SSO collateral (e.g. programme booklet, season brochure)

20% Front of House Buzz: Important: Autograph Session. Attendees meeting and taking photos with stars/guest artistes. E.g. Audience taking photos at concert photowall, kids playing at pre-concert activities. E.g. Attendees perusing SSO booth, merchandise and artiste CDs, etc.

5-10% Audience Diversity: Diverse representation in audience. Young and old. Different races/”SES”. Male and female. Physically impaired (e.g. in wheelchair). Pets at open air concerts are also very welcome.

10% Behind The Scenes (if opportunity available and permitted)

  • Candid backstage photos of musicians and artistes.
  • Setting up for concert/sound tests.

30-40% Musicians/Orchestra In Performance

  • Shots of orchestra on stage, in hall. Wide-angle and groups of musicians. All angles welcome.
  • Conductor and soloist close-up, individual and together.
  • Highlighted musicians - when a musician(s) in the orchestra stands up to be acknowledged for his/her special role.
  • Important note: we appreciate photos of the orchestra where everyone appears uniform and decent. This means no individual in the photo differing or distracted in some way (e.g. looking away from camera, adjusting score, cleaning instrument, etc). Such photos are often unusable to us.

We understand that sometimes, circumstances prevent you from capturing some of these photos, but we appreciate every effort you make. Thank you! - SSO Marketing