Connect With Music

Connect With Music!

SSO musicians also travel into schools! The SSO’s Connect with Music! is an in-school programme which gives students an opportunity to meet and interact with the SSO musicians to make music education more meaningful. Selected representatives from the orchestra will perform a popular piece of music, showcase their instruments up-close, introduce the sections of the orchestra, and teach musical concepts in a lively and engaging manner.

By way of storytelling, instrument demonstration, games and listening activities, Connect with Music! aims to inspire and encourage students to appreciate and develop their relationship with classical music.

Suitable For

Primary and Secondary School students

Number of Participants

800 - 1,200 (assembly)


1 hour


$3,000 per session + GST

For bookings

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For schools only. All MOE Schools are able to use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidies up to 50% of the programme.