Swire - SSO Ticketing Scheme For Schools

Ticketing Scheme for Schools

Thanks to the support of many schools and students, the Swire-sponsored tickets have been fully redeemed for this season. Schools and students may continue to buy subsidised tickets at $10 from the SSO box office.

Since its launch in January 2013, the Swire-SSO Ticketing Scheme has benefited over 30,000 students, enabling them to enjoy world-class performances by the SSO in the Esplanade Concert Hall at subsidised ticket prices as low as $10. Larger school groups were also rewarded with a free music appreciation talk in their campus to enhance their concert experience.

Subscription Concerts, Discovering Music! & SSO Chamber Series
$10 (4 tickets or more)

Pops Concert:
A Night at the Movies: $35, $20
Leonard Bernstein at 100 – West Side Story: $45, $30 

Concerts for Children
Peter and the Wolf & Summon the Superheroes: $32, $24 (15 tickets)
Nature Tales: $24, $20


Schools are also able to use the Tote Board Arts Grant to further subsidise up to 50% of the total ticket price. Prices before booking fee. 
Enjoy a complimentary talk with every school booking of 20 tickets. 

Contact our Customer Experience team at 6602 4245 or ticketing@sso.org.sg