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Chen Yi - Momentum

“10/10”; "Recomendado" CD Compact
"Chen Yi is a truly gifted composer of wide ranging expressiveness, with a distinctive voice … the sonics are simply tremendous."

Chen Yi
Lan Shui
Cho-Liang Lin
Kimberly Marshall
Singapore Symphony Orchestra
  1. 01 Momentum for orchestra (1998)
Chinese Folk Dance Suite for violin and orchestra (2000)
  1. 02 I. Lion Dance
  2. 03 II. YangKo
  3. 04 III. Muqam
  4. 05 Dunhuang Fantasy for organ and chamber wind ensemble (1999)
Romance and Dance for two violins and string orchestra (1995/1998)
  1. 06 I. Romance of Hsiao and Ch´in
  2. 07 II. Dance
  3. 08 Tu for orchestra (2002)