Emily Koh's Jia[k]

From the SSO archives, we present Jia[k] by Singapore composer Emily Koh (b. 1986).

World premiere performed and recorded live at the Victoria Concert Hall, Singapore, 10 Apr 2015, by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Okko Kamu.

Commissioned by the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, Jia[k] is a portmanteau (blend of two or more words or their sounds into a single new word) of the pinyin representation of the Chinese word for ‘home’ – 家 (jiā), and the anglicization of the of the word ‘eat’ or ‘meal’ in the Teochew dialect – 食 (jiak8.) When I was writing this piece, I found myself thinking of home and all the delicious foods I miss that are unique to Singapore – hokkien mee, laksa, nasi lemak, you name it! All I wanted in the months I spent writing this work was to stuff myself silly of all these delicacies at a local hawker feast. This work incorporates the interweaving of different sonic fragments that portray the ordered chaos at a hawker center, and the garbled noises of one’s mouth chewing on a delicious plate of char kuay. (Notes by the composer Emily Koh).

For more information, please visit https://emilykoh.net/ Hear her music on youtube.com/emykoh You can also connect with the composer on https://www.facebook.com/kompobassist

This is an audio recording with video slideshow. Watch this on youtube.com/user/singaporesymphony