That's Fantastic!

Discovering Music!

That's Fantastic!


Sun / 28 Jan 2018 / 4:00PM


Victoria Concert Hall

It’s another round trip of musical exploration with SSO Associate Conductor Jason Lai! Learn about the life of the composers behind the music and how they make whole symphonies out of building blocks of musical themes.

Berlioz: Symphonie fantastique

In this second of three Discovering Music! concerts, Jason takes you on a journey in Berlioz's most famous work, his colourful Symphonie fantastique. From dream to dance to scaffold - see if you can follow the famous idée fixe - the persistent recurring theme in the music!

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Standard Ticket:

  • $20

Priority sales:

  • 29 May 17 | Public sales: 1 June 17



  • Jason Lai, conductor