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Eliahu Inbal • Mahler 6


Fri / 6 Apr 2018 / 7:30PM


Esplanade Concert Hall

Hammer of Fate

Written in an apparently happy period of his life, Mahler’s “Tragic Symphony” is often described in the exact opposite of terms: nihilistic, dark, foreboding. The tender slow movement aside, it “ends in hopelessness and the dark night of the soul” with its infamous hammer blows.

Of all his works this was the most personal… We were both in tears… so deeply did we feel this music and the sinister premonitions it disclosed. – Alma Mahler.

Pre-concert Talk:

6.30pm-7pm | Library@Esplanade

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$88, $68, $48, $28, $15

Priority sales:

5 May 17 | Public sales: 22 May 17


  • Eliahu Inbal, conductor

recommended listening 


    Symphony No. 6 in A minor “Tragic”