The SSO’s Community Outreach concerts and events play a complementary role to the SSO main concert series with the aim of bringing the enjoyment of classical music performances to all segments of the community, and developing audiences through a wide variety of performances and events.

Our reach extends to a wide range of music lovers, targeting audience from children and students to young adults, and even mothers and babies. Both new and seasoned concert-goers alike will find on offer a broad selection of exciting, music-related activities, like Concerts for Children, SSO Babies’ Proms, Free Concerts, Discovering Music! and Concert Experience programmes.

Schools are given exclusive deals under the SWIRE-SSO ticketing scheme, where students can enjoy not only the live experience of a full orchestral concert, but also a complimentary Pre-Concert Talk. These talks are presented by music specialists in an engaging and interactive manner, which will greatly enhance their overall concert experience.

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