1.1 Who sings in the Singapore Symphony Chorus?

The Singapore Symphony Chorus (SSC) is made up of both locals and newcomers of Singapore. All 70 members have a strong music background and continue their choral singing passion with the SSC.



2.1 Where and when do you rehearse?

Rehearsals are held at the Victoria Concert Hall every Monday evening from 7.30pm – 10.15pm, with additional rehearsals scheduled as necessary in the weeks leading up to a concert.

2.2 What is the commitment involved?

Members are expected to attend 75% of the rehearsals for each concert, including additional rehearsals leading up to the concert. Members are also required to perform in 75% of the concerts held in the year. We understand that members may have occasional external commitments that take precedence over the chorus. As such, members may apply for a ‘Leave of Absence’ for short periods.



3.1 How do I join?

Please fill in the Audition Form and email it to

The administration will then be in contact with you via email with a scheduled date to sit in rehearsals, and a date to audition.

3.2 Must I be able to read music?

Yes, a prerequisite to join the choir is the ability to read music.

3.3 May I join in for a rehearsal before I audition?

We encourage you to join in for a rehearsal before you decide that the Singapore Symphony Chorus is a group that is suitable for you. We can schedule you to audition at the end of the following rehearsal.

3.4 When do you hold auditions?

Auditions are held on an ad-hoc basis. Please email the Audition Form, and an audition slot will be allocated to you thereafter.

3.5 What can I expect in an audition?

You should prepare a song of your choice – perhaps a passage from something you’ve sung in your previous choir. The song can be classical, choral or any vocal work you are familiar with.

There will also be a sight singing portion during your audition. This is to gauge the level of your music reading and aural skills.

3.6 What does membership cost?

There is a one-time (non-refundable) registration fee of S$50.



Have further questions regarding the Singapore Symphony Choir?

Please contact the Choral department at 6602 4215 or email