1.1 What can I expect my child to gain from being a SSCC member?

Every child who goes through the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir programme will emerge a disciplined and confident person who possesses good vocal technique and musicianship, and enjoys classical music. He/She will be able to express himself or herself artistically, emotionally and socially in a disciplined and responsible manner.

1.2 Who conducts the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir?

The SSCC is led by Choirmaster Mrs Wong Lai Foon. She is supported by Associate Choirmaster Mr Darius Lim.



2.1 What are the different Choir Programmes?

SSCC members will be enrolled into either of the 2 phases, depending on their proficiency:

1) Training Phase

There are 3 Programmes within the Training Phase: Preparatory Choir 1, Preparatory Choir 2 and Training Choir.

The Training Phase seeks to develop and refine the children’s choral skillsets, ensuring that they have the necessary techniques and confidence before they progress to be part of the concert choir. Children are expected to complete the training phase in a maximum of 3 years.

2) Performing Phase

Children are split into age groups within the Performing Phase:

Concert Choir 1 (Ages 9 - 12) and Concert Choir 2 (Ages 13 and up)

The performing phase is for accomplished members who have also spent at least 6 months in the Preparatory Choir. Performing Choir members will undergo a more intensive programme to further develop their choral abilities. They will also have the opportunity to perform to the public and with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra.

2.2 When does the Choir Season begin and how long does it last?

The SSCC Training Programme commences in January every year. It will follow a Calendar Year Season (January – December). Auditions for entry into the SSCC will begin in September.

2.3 When and how often does the choir practice?

Choir practice is usually held on Saturdays, with occasional rehearsals held on weekday evenings.

Training Phase – 2-hour training sessions

Performing Phase – 3-hour rehearsal sessions

2.4 What type of music will my child be learning?

Children will undergo training for classical choral singing.

2.5 What kind of performance opportunities are available?

Training Phase
All Preparatory and Training Choir members will perform in an annual informal in-house presentation concert open to parents.

Performing Phase
All performing choir members will have opportunities to perform with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, as well as in stand-alone recitals.

2.6 At the end of the season, will my child be automatically enrolled into the next class?

Preparatory Choir
At the end of each season, the choir masters will evaluate each choir member on their singing and if the children are ready to progress to the next level of choir. Through the season, choir members and parents would also be given feedback periodically on their progress.

Training Choir
There will be internal auditions held every 6 months for the Training Choir members to determine the children’s progress and suitability to progress into the Concert Choir.

2.7 What if my son’s voice is changing/ breaking? Will he still be able to sing with the Children’s Choir?

The SSCC has recently started a Boys’ Ensemble which offers boys, who have experienced or are experiencing a voice change, the opportunity to undergo specialised training.  The Boys’ Ensemble are a part of the Concert Choir, and will spend one additional hour per week to develop their changing voices.



3.1 How do I enrol my child into the SSCC?

All children looking to enrol into the SSCC will be required to undergo an audition to determine their musicianship abilities. Audition application forms can be found in the SSCC Events page from July of every year.

3.2 When are auditions and where are they held?

Auditions are held annually in late September. Registration opens in July, with limited vacancies available. Audition time slots will be provided for successful applicants nearer to the audition date.

3.3 What will happen during the auditions?

Auditionees will be required to sing a short song (preferably classical, choral, or from a musical) of any language not exceeding 4 minutes. There will also be a short aural test to determine their musicianship abilities. Though not compulsory, it would be advantageous that your child is able to read music. Auditionees aged 13 and above will be expected to have a minimum of ABRSM Grade 3 theory. Auditionees may bring an accompanist (though not encouraged), or they may sing a cappella. The use of pre-recorded accompaniments will not be allowed.

3.4 Is there a cost involved in participating in the choir?

Yes, there is an annual term fee that can be paid bi-annually. Fee assistance is available based on demonstrated financial need. Please email for more details.



Have further questions regarding the Singapore Symphony Children's Choir?
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