By being a partner of the SSO, you are putting seed money into a progressive cultural institution. Since 1979, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra has grown into a premier orchestra, shaping Singapore’s cultural landscape and placing the city on the global artistic map.

Over 20 years, the SSO shared the pleasure of fine music with people in Singapore through concerts at the Victoria Concert Hall, public parks, shopping centres and schools. Chances are, you too have been inspired by the SSO in one way or another. Now you can share this wonderful experience with many others.

Be our partner. Your corporation has the power to grow the SSO into a world class orchestra.


Enhance your image as a corporate citizen and taste the privileges of patronage.

Right image
The SSO is a prestigious cultural institution.
Right values
The SSO is associated with quality, integrity and excellence.
Excellent networking opportunities
The SSO presents patrons a choice opportunity to be in the company of the upper echelons of society, especially business & community leaders.
Flexible sponsorship schemes
We offer a tantalizing spread of sponsorship schemes suitable for your PR and marketing needs.
Generous sponsorship benefits
The SSO offers full tax exemption and other attractive benefits.
Growing audience
The SSO commands the attention of a growing audience.
Stylish corporate entertainment
The SSO offers tasteful corporate entertainment.


  • Concert Sponsorship

    Corporate organisations may show their support for the orchestra by sponsoring a concert of their choice in the
    orchestra’s annual concert season. Besides exhibiting good corporate citizenship and support for the local arts scene, the
    event also provides networking and social opportunities for the corporation.

    Subscription Concerts / Gala Concerts / Open-Air Concerts / International Piano Festival / Children’s Concerts

  • Musician Chairs

    This program allows your corporation to play an active role in the life of the orchestra by ‘sponsoring’ a musician.

  • Corporate Seats

    Seats at the Victoria Concert Hall are named in honour of the donation. Invitations to performances by the orchestra at
    the Esplanade are extended to donors as a gesture of thank you and goodwill.


  • Donation (Cash or In-Kind)

    Cash donations or donations in kind are welcome for various needs of the orchestra. Cash donations allow for flexibility
    in the artistic needs of the orchestra, whereas donations in kind are needed in different aspects such as airfares, hotel
    accommodation and computer ware.


  • Other events and activities are also organised to raise funds for the SSO. These include theme dinners, musical evenings as well as sporting events. If you're interested in organising an event in support of the SSO, or to support a scheduled event, please do get in touch with us.
  • Sponsorship in Kind (eg. airfare, accommodation)
  • Advertisements in Season Brochure or Concert Programme



Ms Peggy Kek
Director, Development and Partnerships
DID: 6602 4234