Published on 24 April 2020

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Perhaps never before has the world truly appreciated the arts as it has right now, in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. As the number of confirmed cases grow — currently 2 million and counting — people are staying at home to curb the spread and the arts have been a comfort to many. Despite the tough times, CEO of Arts House, Sarah Martin, is determined that the show, or rather, the arts, must go on.

In late March, the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO) live-streamed its concert at the Victoria Concert Hall. The concert was originally supposed to meet the restricted audience capacity of 133 persons, with seats spaced one metre apart, but when all concerts and events were suspended from March 26, SSO refunded all tickets and scheduled the free performance on its YouTube and Facebook channels. The SSO, and also the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, has since continued to offer both new and archived concerts for viewing, free, on their social media channels.

Across the world, artists, singers, musicians and more have taken to the virtual world to continue to bring their craft to audiences. After all, the show must go on — and so must the arts.

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