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A Source of Pride for Singapore

A Source of Pride for Singapore

The SSO celebrates 40 years of presenting classical music to Singapore in January 2019, at the bicentennial of the founding of Singapore. And the best thing that can ever happen in this time is the contribution by Music Director Lan Shui. In 22 years, he raised the SSO from being an orchestra searching for an identity to being what can be arguably described as the best orchestra in Asia today.

Established world-class soloists rearrange their timetables to perform in the Esplanade. Aspiring world-class soloists jostle to get an invitation. Music critics in the UK, Germany, and others in Europe sing their praises when they hear SSO performances in their respective Halls. US newspapers and magazines lavish praise not only for music from its well-known repertoire, but also for performing contemporary Asian compositions.

During this time, music performances ranging from Mahler to Richard Strauss and everything in between, have been heard, critiqued, and raved about by all and sundry.

I am proud to have been associated with SSO for more than 25 years – and 22 years with Lan Shui.

Mr Wong Nang Jang is a former board member of the SSO.