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A Terrific Orchestra, Full of Energy and Enthusiasm

A Terrific Orchestra, Full of Energy and Enthusiasm

I have been lucky enough to be playing regularly with the SSO for more years than I care to remember. It is a terrific orchestra, full of energy and enthusiasm, and playing at a consistently high level. The atmosphere is friendly and wonderfully alive; many is the time that the vitality of the orchestra has shaken me out of a jet-lagged trance.

Coming to Singapore is always a treat, to which I look forward every time; both the orchestra and the audience that SSO concerts attract form a highpoint of those treats (along with some lovely friends and the amazing food that they provide). The SSO is an orchestra that enjoys and loves music; and that enthusiasm makes a huge difference to us visiting soloists and conductors.

I hope that the orchestra continues to flourish as long as great music is needed — that is, for as long as humanity survives! On present showing, I’d say that is highly likely; the contribution of the orchestra to musical life in Singapore and abroad is truly appreciated by music-lovers everywhere.

So thank you, SSO – and Happy Birthday!