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Mom Shares Her Love for Music with Her Young Sons

Mom Shares Her Love for Music with Her Young Sons

The SSO has had the privilege of sharing the love of music through frequent community events, held at the Victoria Concert Hall and other community spaces around Singapore.

Ivy Goh, mother of five-year-old Aiden and three-year-old Austen, tells us how such SSO programmes have become a favourite bonding time for family and friends on weekends.

These include picnics in the parks while being treated to familiar favourites by the SSO. “The leisurely setting has exposed the two boys, who are both learning the violin, to repertoires of various genres, from classical to local tunes of yesteryear,” says Ivy. “But perhaps more important to us is that it has fostered a culture of family gatherings and music as part of our lives.”

Austen (left) and Aiden (right) are some of the littlest participants of SSO activities, thanks to music-loving mom Ivy Goh

Herself a musician in her youth, Ivy had played the piano and the violin. She was a member of the Singapore Youth Training Orchestra from 1987, before playing for the main Singapore Youth Orchestra from 1990 to 1994.

“The VCH was my favourite place as a teen, attending rehearsals and SSO concerts. Back then, we sometimes got to watch the SSO concerts for free, thanks to the ushers! We stood behind of course,” she quipped.

Now an investment manager, Ivy began gave her two boys the “SSO initiation” through its Babies Proms concerts. Aiden’s first encounter with Babies Proms was in 2014, before he turned two. In the following year, it was baby brother Austen’s turn, at just nine months old. “There were no other concerts I knew of that would admit infants or toddlers who could potentially make their presence felt,” Ivy said.

Aiden (left) and Austen (right) when they were even small, at the Victoria Concert Hall

While Aiden was already familiar with orchestral instruments then, he was initially petrified of Uncle Peter, the Babies Proms conductor with his signature tall black hat and red jacket. Aiden had wanted to leave, but the infectious music and the party-like fashion drew him back to the concert hall, Ivy recounted.

The two boys soon “graduated” to SSO Children’s Concerts. “This is another great series that we eagerly look forward to. It enhances music appreciation in an impressionable and light-hearted manner that appeal to both children and adults alike,” Ivy shared.

“Today, the boys fondly remember Uncle Peter and SSO Babies Proms, where children become part of the show, with movement and marches, get introduced to the different sections of the orchestra, get hooked on to classical music, and even share the stage with the musicians and their instruments.”

Aiden and Austen with pianist Shane Thio

SSO concerts have also been the place where Ivy reconnects with many friends and former teachers. One of them is Shane Thio, her former piano teacher, who guided the Youth Orchestra in their performance of Saint-Saëns “The Carnival of the Animals” in 1994, conducted by Music Director Lim Yau.

“The SSO holds a very special place in our hearts. Recently I asked Austen what he would do when mummy gets old. He said he would bring me out, to the Esplanade and Victoria Concert Hall,” Ivy smiled.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank the SSO for having these amazing programmes that have touched so many, and of all ages.”