Special Appeal: SSO Needs You

Gulnara plays Handel

(1 April - 30 Jun 2020)

The COVID-19 situation has caused us to cancel some 20 concerts by end of concert season 2019/20, from which we lost about $450,000 in ticket revenue. We are working hard to recover some of that loss, and to keep the music going.

In an open letter, our Chairman made this promise:


As the national orchestra, the SSO will do everything it can to bring joy, solace, inspiration and hope through music.

We appreciate all the donors who supported this Special Appeal. If you still would like to make a donation, you may still do so at Giving.sg or at our website.
For every dollar you donate, we will receive a second from the Cultural Matching Fund or the Tote Board. Your donation will make twice the difference.

Now more than ever, we need your support.

From all of us at the SSO, thank you for your generosity.

Letter From Our Chairman
Letter From Our Chairman
Make A Donation
Make A Donation

Donations of $50 and above will enjoy 250% tax deduction (for Singapore tax-payers).
For more information about other benefits such as special invitations to concerts and events, please click here.

For more details, please write to Nikki Chuang at nikki@sso.org.sg

2020 Special Appeal Donors

2020 Special Appeal Donors

2020 Special Appeal Donors

2020 Special Appeal Donors

2020 Special Appeal Donors

2020 Special Appeal Donors

$25,000 AND ABOVE

Mr & Mrs Goh Yew Lin

$10,000 AND ABOVE

Chng Hak-Peng

$5,000 AND ABOVE

Havas Media Asia Pacific Pte Ltd
Angela Huang & Geo Chen
A.D. Lim
Ng Pei-Sian
Mr & Mrs Robin Ian Rawlings
Dr Alban Salord

$2,500 AND ABOVE

Ang Ming Yi & Tanyatorn Lewchaleamwong
Samuel Armstrong
Prof Arnoud De Meyer
Mr & Mrs Dorian Goh
Dr Leong Keng Hong
Ong Kong Hong
Tibor Zoltan Szabady
Teo Lay Lim
Wicky Wong

$1,000 AND ABOVE

Dr Daniel N. Bach
Prof Kanti Bajpai
Dr Cynthia Chee
Chung Sui Foh
Arthur Davis
Gan Chee Yen
Pavitar Kaur Gill
William Hernstadt
Vanessa & Darren Iloste
Khor Cheng Kian
Paul Seiji Kitamura
Koh Han Wei
Colin Lang
Lee Eng Lye Andrew
Dr Norman Lee
Er Stephen Leong
Lim Shue Churn
Lim Yuin Wen
Lin Xiangqian
Dr Loh Kai Who

Raymond Quah
Queenie & Friends
Rak Syscom Ptd Ltd
Ian & Freda Rickword
Alexey Rumyantsev
Audrey Ruyters
Naoyoshi Nick Shimoda
Marcel Smit & Hanneke Verbeek
Yukari Takada
Tan Cheng Guan
Tan Pei Jie
Abel Teo
Daniel Teo
Valerie Thean
Oliver Trianto
Q. Mevr. Marie-Christine Van Meel
Paul Winfindale & Huong Nguyen
Wong Lai Foon
Lilian Yin
Anonymous (5)

We would also like to thank all the donors who are not listed here.

This list reflects donations of $1,000 and above, that were made from 1 April to 30 June 2020. We would like to express our sincere thanks to donors whose names were inadvertently left out at print time.