SSO Ladies' League

Formed in May 1984 by a small group of dynamic volunteers to raise funds for the installation of the pipe organ at Victoria Concert Hall, the SSO Ladies’ League has since raised more than $19 million through benefit dinners, soirees, golf tournaments and other projects in support of the Orchestra’s numerous musical activities.

SSO Benefit Dinner 2018

Says SSCL Chairman Goh Yew Lin at the Benefit Dinner 2011 “The Benefit Dinner is organised annually by the SSO Ladies’ League, and each year I am filled with admiration for their creativity, their attention to detail, their passion, and their persistence. I know how hard it is to raise money, but the Benefit Dinner funds are absolutely critical for the SSO’s annual budget. I want to thank each and every member of the Ladies’ League, and I especially want to thank Mrs Odile Benjamin, and her deputy, Mrs Kwan Lui, for their leadership and stewardship of this event.”


Mrs Odile Benjamin


Mrs Kwan Lui


  • Mrs Celeste Basapa
  • Mrs Maisy Beh
  • Mrs Kim Camacho
  • Mrs Rosy Ho
  • Ms Judy Hunt
  • Prof Annie Koh
  • Dr Julie Lo
  • Mrs Clarinda Tjia-Dharmadi-Martin
  • Ms Paige Parker
  • Ms Kris Tan
  • Ms Manju Vangal
  • Mrs Grace Yeh