Nurturing Choral Brilliance

Formed in 2006, the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir has established itself as the leading children’s choir in Singapore. With over 200 members aged 9 to 18, the choir enriches young singers through holistic choral training that nurtures artistic growth and personal development.

The Children’s Choir has performed great choral masterpieces with the SSO and with distinguished conductors such as Lim Yau, Claus Peter Flor, Sofi Jeannin, Julie Desbordes and François-Xavier Roth. It has toured and performed at the Philharmonie de Paris in collaboration with Maîtrise de Radio France, as well as at Dewan Filharmonik Petronas in Kuala Lumpur with the Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra in concert.

In Singapore, the Children’s Choir has an active performing calendar. It has sung at the Istana, shared the stage with the critically acclaimed vocal group, The King’s Singers, and presented at the 33rd ASEAN Summit. The Children’s Choir actively commissions and performs works by Darius Lim, Zechariah Goh, and Cultural Medallion winner Kelly Tang, amongst many others.

Wong Lai Foon Choirmaster
Gabriel Hoe rehearsal pianist


For more details, please contact the Choral department at 6602 4215/4248 or email

Wonderful news, our choirs have made a full return to live rehearsals following the new measures! As we gear up for an exciting new season, you may revisit our musical moments, on the Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Choruses’ YouTube channel, our  Spotify page and our  recordings.

How are choir rehearsals conducted?
Our rehearsals are conducted live at the Victoria Concert Hall. With safe management measures still observed, each session consists of a combination of sectionals, small group singing and score study sessions. Rehearsals are focused primarily on vocal development and future concert preparations.

What are rehearsal times like?
The Singapore Symphony Chorus and Youth Choir rehearse weekly on Monday evenings, and the Children’s Choir, on Saturdays. Do refer to each choir’s FAQs for specific rehearsal schedules and times.

I’m interested. Are auditions for the Singapore Symphony Choruses still open?
Yes! The Singapore Symphony Chorus and Youth Choir (SSYC) continue to run open auditions weekly while the Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir (SSCC) conduct yearly auditions between late September to early October; keep your eyes peeled for our announcements!

Keen or have questions? Drop us an email at

What are choir auditions like?
With our choirs recent return to live rehearsals, auditions will be done live and in-person.

For SSC and SSYC, auditions are conducted in 2 parts: sit-ins and auditions. You will get to sit-in for a live rehearsal with the respective ensembles, then assessed on a following date, in a live audition.

For SSCC, applicants with successful registrations will be allocated audition timeslots, along with information on the audition venue. Do refer to the SSCC Auditions event page for more information!

Who will my child be learning from?
The SSCC is led by Choirmaster Mrs Wong Lai Foon, and is supported by a team of teaching staff dedicated to nurturing a fine generation of classical choristers.

What will my child be learning?
Children will undergo training for classical choral singing, and go through ear training and musicianship classes. These classes aim to aid in the development of each member's ability to sight-read, gain confidence as a performer, and communicate effectively through singing as a medium of expression – enabling them to be the best they can be.

How can my child benefit from being a member of the SSCC?
The Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir, its Choirmaster and teaching staff are committed to nurturing young talents and helping each child achieve their musical potential. The SSCC offers training and performance opportunities to children between the ages of 9 and 16 to develop vocal technique, music literacy and musicianship. Through its programmes, the SSCC hopes to cultivate in its members a passion for the choral art, at the same nurture abilities to express oneself artistically, emotionally and socially – in a disciplined and responsible manner.

What are the different choirs under the SSCC?
SSCC members will be enrolled into either of the 2 phases depending on their musical proficiency. Being a progressive training programme, each phase is centred on the development of good vocal technique, sight-singing skills, and musicianship.

  1. Training Wing
    • There are 3 choirs within the Training Wing: Preparatory Choir 1 (PC1), Preparatory Choir 2 (PC2) and Training Choir (TC).
    • The Training Wing seeks to develop and refine the children’s choral skillsets, ensuring that they have the necessary techniques and confidence before they progress to the next phase.
  2. Performance Wing
    • Comprises the Concert Choir (CC) and Youth Choir (YC)
    • Members of the Concert Choir will undergo a more intensive programme to further develop their choral abilities, and serves as the main performing ensemble of the SSCC.
    • The Youth Choir is an extension of the SSCC and a bridge to the Singapore Symphony Chorus (SSC). It provides the opportunity for mature members of the SSCC to continue their development in classical choral singing.
  3. Boys’ Ensemble
    • A specialised vocal development programme catered to boys, young men with transitioning voices. The ensemble comprises of new choristers and members who have been with the SSCC for some time. Each voice changes differently and we train our young men to use their new vocal instruments, in a healthy and safe manner.

What kind of music does the SSCC sing?
In addition to SSCC’s main repertoire of symphonic choral master works, the choir is also exposed in different genres of music – opera, jazz; songs in languages from around the world. The SSCC regularly includes in its performances, songs and commissions by local composers as well.

Can my son sing with the SSCC if his voice is changing or breaking?
Yes, he can! Transitioning voices are best suited for our Boys’ Ensemble programme. Members of the Boys’ Ensemble will spend an hour and a half per week with a dedicated vocal trainer to develop their changing voices; appropriate techniques are taught to promote healthy and safe singing during the transition.

What performance opportunities will my child have?
Members of the Training Wing will get the opportunity to perform biannually, first in a standalone SSCC Presentation Concert, followed by a Presentation Concert with the Singapore National Youth Sinfonia, at the end of the second semester in the Victoria Concert Hall. Upon progression into ensembles in the Performance Wing, members will not only have the opportunity to perform in stand-alone recitals, but also with the Singapore Symphony Orchestra, alongside the Singapore Symphony Chorus and Youth Choir. The Concert Choir most recently performed with renowned British a cappella vocal ensemble The King’s Singers, and in the SSO’s concert opera, La Bohéme.

What is the required level of commitment?
The SSCC’s training programme follows a Calendar Year Season (January – December). Semester 1 commences in January and ends in May, and, Semester 2 commences in July and ends in November; a break follows the end of each half year term. There is an expectation that members will attend weekly choir rehearsals throughout the term. In the lead up to concerts, choir members will be expected to attend additional rehearsals. Dates of rehearsals are available annually and any issues which may prevent your child from attending a rehearsal should be raised as soon as possible. All performances are compulsory.

When and where are choir rehearsals held?
SSCC rehearsals are usually held at the Victoria Theatre and Concert Hall, in either the Dance or Music Studios, on Saturdays, at varying class intervals* between 10am – 6pm. Additional rehearsals may also be held on weekday evenings closer to performance dates. Do note that due to the nature of the rehearsal schedule, there will be no makeup lessons for classes missed.

*You may download the SSCC Handbook for reference on specific class times.

Who can join the SSCC?
Members of the SSCC are typically between the ages of 9 and 16. We welcome all children with and without prior experience in singing in a choir and/or music background, though advantageous to have. Members aged 11 and above will be expected to have a minimum of ABRSM Grade 3 Music Theory literacy.

How do I enrol my child into the SSCC?
All children interested in joining the SSCC will have to undergo an audition with the Choirmaster and choral instructors to determine their suitability for the programme.

When and where are auditions held?
Auditions are held once a year in late September. Registration opens in July, with limited vacancies available. Successful applicants will be allocated audition timeslots and informed of the audition venue nearer to the event date.

What happens during an audition?
Apart from a short aural test, auditionees will be required to sing a short song of any language, preferably a classical or choral piece, not exceeding four minutes. Auditionees may sing a cappella, or bring an accompanist (though not encouraged). In line with the SSCC’s classical choral training, members will be trained to sing a cappella; the use of pre-recorded accompaniments will thus not be allowed.

Can my child ‘try-out’ with the SSCC before he/she auditions?
Definitely! All prospective SSCC members are welcome to join us in our one-day experiential programme, the SSCC Experience. A yearly affair, the SSCC Experience is a day event for budding young singers who’d like to see what a day in training is like for an SSCC member. The programme will be filled with fun and games, most of all, participants will even get a chance to perform alongside their SSCC friends onstage in the Victoria Concert Hall

Which choir will my child join upon acceptance?
Depending on your child’s vocal and musicianship proficiencies, the class that he/she will join will be determined by the Choirmaster and choral teaching staff, with recommendations from the audition review. The multiple classes of varying skill levels ensure that there is a suitable class for children of different skill levels.

Is there a cost involved in participating in the SSCC?
Yes, there is an annual term fee that can be paid bi-annually. Fee assistance is available if there is a demonstrated financial need. Please email for more details.


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