Singapore Symphony Choruses unveil new brand identities

Singapore Symphony Choruses unveil new brand identities

Singapore Symphony Choruses unveil new brand identities

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Fri, 14 Aug 2020


The Singapore Symphony Group has unveiled new brand logos and taglines for the Singapore Symphony Choruses, linked by a consistent brand framework across all three singing groups. The change is to reflect the growth of strong differentiated identities for each choir over the years among both audiences and members. The new logos reinforce the close nexus among the three brands and the close connection to the Group’s flagship Singapore Symphony Orchestra. The brand launch comes as the Singapore Symphony Chorus marks its 40th anniversary this year. The branding was completed in the beginning of 2020, but roll-out was delayed due to the sudden cancellation of all cultural and singing events since April 2020 arising from the COVID-19 situation.

The unifying brand framework for all three choirs comprises three elements:

  1. a logo that is in synergy with the SSG logo, constructed in distinctive color palettes to represent the initials and personality of each choir;
  2. a black logotype in all caps displaying the name of each choir as part of the lockup;
  3. a brand promise captured in a three-word tagline to represent the identity of each choir.

Singapore Symphony Chorus (SSC)

Brand promise: Celebrating Choral Excellence

As the only choir tied to the national orchestra, the SSC is a symbol of choral artistic excellence in Singapore. It is where the best and most passionate choristers congregate to celebrate a common love for singing and classical music. This new logo denotes an expression of collaboration and togetherness within the group, celebrating music and building each other up for excellence. The brand personality is shown through the colour purple, a colour that exudes passion and professionalism.

Singapore Symphony Youth Choir (SSYC)

Brand promise: Inspiring Choral Passion

As the only youth choir tied to the national orchestra, the SSYC is an embodiment of youth choral excellence in Singapore. It is a platform where a community of passionate young singers can hone their choral abilities and discover unique opportunities. The new logo for SSYC represents a young individual’s journey to finding rich and unique experiences. The brand personality shines through the teal colour, a youthful hue that exudes creativity and dynamism.

Singapore Symphony Childrens Choir (SSCC)

Brand promise: Nurturing Choral Brilliance

The SSCC is the only children’s choir tied to the national orchestra. As Singapore’s pride in children’s choral excellence, the SSCC kindles choral passion while nurturing values for character development, and offers abundant local as well as international opportunities for the choir to perform. The new logo for SSCC embodies the vibrant and nurturing environment provided for the young choristers to achieve their full potential. The brand personality is shown through the colour yellow, a colour that conveys optimism and youthfulness.

Chng Hak-Peng, CEO of the Singapore Symphony Group, said, “We’re proud to give each choir their own compelling brand identity that aligns with the Group’s objectives and direction. We look forward to welcoming amateur choral singers, to involve them in symphonic music-making with the SSO and future projects of the Choruses.”

Last year in June, following a competitive selection process, the Group appointed DIA Brands, a regional brand consultancy, to work on the rebranding project.

“The Singapore Symphony Choruses are an important entry point for people of all ages to experience choral excellence and the joy of singing together. We have aimed to capture the sense of collaboration and creativity across all three choirs in their individual focus and shared vision.” said Nigel Smith, CEO DIA Group.

DIA was established in London in 1983 and became a top five branding consultancy in the UK by the end of the 1980s. DIA opened in Asia in 1996 and is now an independent group based in Singapore with offices in Malaysia, Australia and Indonesia, with a focus on unravelling the complexity of business and bringing simple ideas and innovative thinking to brands that creates a distinct business advantage.

The Singapore Symphony Choruses are part of the Singapore Symphony Group, which also manages the Singapore Symphony Orchestra (SSO), and the Singapore National Youth Orchestra. The mission of the Group is to create memorable shared experiences with music. Through the SSO and its affiliated performing groups, the Group spreads the love for music, nurtures talent and enriches our diverse communities. Founded in 1979, the SSO is Singapore’s flagship orchestra, touching lives through classical music and providing the heartbeat of the cultural scene. In addition to its subscription series concerts, the SSO is also known for its outdoor and community appearances. The orchestra also presents intimate chamber performances in the VCHpresents series, the annual Singapore International Piano Festival (SIPF) and the biennial National Piano and Violin Competition (NPVC) at the Victoria Concert Hall, Home of the SSO.

For press enquiries, please contact:

Singapore Symphony Group
80 Bencoolen Street, NAFA Tower Block
#08-01 Singapore 189655
M +65 9386 7008

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