In addition to extending much needed financial support for our performances, generous donors have also gifted fine instruments to the orchestra. Our musicians benefit from the following support in instrument loans and donations.

NAC Violin Loan Scheme #

The J.B. Guadagnini of Milan, c. 1750 was donated to the Singapore Symphony Group by the National Arts Council, Singapore, with the support of Far East Organisation and Lee Foundation.

The NAC Violin Loan Scheme was launched in 2000 and the J.B. Guadagnini of Milan Violin, c.1750 was purchased with the support of Far East Organisation and Lee Foundation. Leading Singapore violinists were selected to receive the violin during the Scheme’s 16-year run. With its new home at the Singapore Symphony Group, the beloved violin will continue to be played by established musicians and its beautiful voice heard and appreciated by audiences in Singapore and all over the world.

Rin Collection #

Some members of SSO’s string section enjoy individual loans of instruments from the Rin Collection, from late businessman and collector Mr Rin Kei Mei.

Ms Su Pin and Mr Mervin Beng #

The SSO received a pair of Jungwirth natural horns from Ms Su Pin and Mr Mervin Beng, for educational and performance purposes.

Mr G K Goh #

The David Tecchler, Fecit Roma An. D. 1700 violin is on loan to the SSO, courtesy of Mr G K Goh.