By contributing to the SSO, you are forming a relationship with one of Singapore’s most celebrated arts organisations. Increase your organisation’s visibility through a commitment to growing the arts, and reach an influential and growing audience through the SSO.

  •   Our image: The SSO is a prestigious cultural institution.
  •   Our values: The SSO is associated with quality, integrity and excellence.
  •   Growing audience: The SSO commands the attention of a growing and discerning audience.
  •   Choice affiliation: Be in the company of like-minded corporate leaders brought together by a commitment to growing the arts.
  •   Tasteful hospitality: We offer tasteful corporate entertainment for your corporate hospitality needs.
  •   Generous benefits: Enjoy generous sponsorship benefits including tickets to the best seats in the concert hall.
  •   Attractive tax benefits: Donations to the SSO may qualify for tax deduction up to 250% of the donated amount.

For more information on donations and sponsorships, please write to