Liu Yoko

Section Clarinet

Yoko Liu was born in Yokohama, Japan and studied at Tokyo College of Music.

One summer after graduation from college in 1993, she participated in Aspen Music Festival in USA as scholar. In 1995 she began to study with Professor Francois Benda at Musik Akademie der Stadt Basel, Swiss and had many experiences to perform at Sinfonie Orchester Basel and Radio Sinfonie Orchester Basel as trainee in 1996-97.

In July 1998 she played a concerto by Gotokovsky as soloist with Sinfonie Orchester Basel and graduated the Akademie with Soloist Diploma. After coming back to Japan, she expanded her activities there, for example having her solo recitals three times in Tokyo, Yokohama and Fukuoka and performing at many different orchestras in Tokyo, Osaka, Kanazawa, etc. In 2001 she joined Kyushu Symphony Orchestra and contributed for four years.

Yoko is a SSO clarinetist since January 2007.