Roberto Alvarez

Section Flute/Assistant Principal Piccolo

Born in Asturias, on the Northern coast of Spain, Roberto Alvarez began his studies in the Music Conservatory of his birthplace. He later studied under the tutorship of Myra and Peter Pearse, from the Asturias Symphony Orchestra. He progressed to the Royal Northern College of Music, Manchester, studying under Richard Davis, Peter Lloyd and Patricia Morris.

Throughout his career he has received various international prizes, such as the Diploma of Honor in the Torneo Internazionale di Musica, Concurso Internacional de Música "Paper de Musica" de Capellades, the Angel Muñíz Toca prize and Ciutat de Manresa prize.

Chamber music and orchestra playing are two of Roberto's passions. He has performed with the Asturias Symphony Orchestra, the Oviedo Filarmonía, the Europäisches Musikfest Stuttgart, the Algarve Orchestra, the Barcelona Symphony Orchestra and the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra with renowned conductors such as H. Rilling, L. Spierer, K. Penderecki, J. López-Cobos, E. Oue and K. Nagano.

He shows his interest not only in classical formations, but has also participated in several jazz and folk groups, always looking for new sonorities for the flute, and has performed the music of his region all over Europe.

In addition to his performances he is an enthusiastic flute teacher, having given master classes in the Asturias Youth Orchestra, Singapore National Youth Orchestra and several academies and conservatories. He currently teaches at the School of the Arts in Singapore.

Roberto has been Assistant Principal Piccolo at the Singapore Symphony Orchestra since July 2007.