Bravissimo! January 2020

SSO Lucky Hongbao Campaign: Share your good fortune

Gongxi gongxi! On the eve of the new lunar year of the golden Rat, SSO launched an appeal on

Check out the charming greeting card featuring some SSO Year of the Rat musicians and the cheery festive video greeting from SSO percussionist Mario Choo.

The Lucky Hongbao appeal invites readers to make a contribution to support the disadvantaged, and is part of the annual appeal that SSO launched in November last year. Do remember to share your good fortune while you’re there.

Last year, donations enabled 8,000 youngsters to experience a live music performance.

Since November, live messages to SSO concertgoers and appeal letters to long-time patrons have raised over $300,000.

A special appeal offering close-up views of the stage from Box seats (and a champagne reception) for SSO’s Christmas concert on 13 December added another $22,000.

In December, a Giving Week campaign was featured in an article during the ST Causes Week, boosting the appeal with another $9,000 for the Young Symphony Explorers (YSE).

In 2019, donations for YSE enabled 8,000 youngsters from less privileged backgrounds to experience a live music performance. These included children from charities such as Daughters of Tomorrow, Child at St11 and The Purple Symphony.

So, we’re appealing to you this year. Please donate generously.

Our Hongbao campaign aims to add another lucky $8,888 to benefit more young symphony explorers.

An enormous THANK YOU to all of you who have made a donation and a difference, through the various campaigns! There is still time for YOU to make a difference.

The Lucky Hongbao campaign will run until the end of February at

Wishing you much happiness and good fortune in the year ahead.

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