NAC – MOE Performing Arts-based Learning (Digital)

For Lower Secondary Students.

The Great Outdoors: Music in Nature and Urban Landscapes

For as long as it has been in existence, music and the world in which it is created have been inextricably connected. Composers through the ages have used music as a means of expressing an entire spectrum of feelings and emotions – from joy to sadness, celebration to protest, meditation to exultation – that reflects their relationship to both nature as well as man-made concepts.

Gain a deeper insight into how Singaporean composers have been influenced and inspired by their individual worldviews as shaped by local and Asian culture as well as by Western music traditions. Explore how different modes and processes in music creation can communicate the complex, multi-faceted relationship composers have with the changing natural landscape and the inexorable progress of urbanisation, and how this helps us better understand our modern environment.

This Digital Performing Arts-Based Learning (PABL) programme offers a blended learning arts experience that incorporates excerpts of digital concerts by the Singapore's Symphony Orchestra, Singapore National Youth Orchestra, and the Singapore Symphony Children's Choir, in addition to other self-directed or guided activities. It is commissioned by the National Arts Council and Ministry of Education.

Learning objectives
The PABL ties in with the curriculum connections based on the 2023 Music Syllabus for Lower Secondary.

  1. Develop an understanding of musical elements and concepts through Listening, Creating and Performing
  2. Appreciate music from Singaporean culture though local compositions such as Wang Chenwei's The Sisters’ Islands and Jonathan Shin's City Arising
  3. Appreciate music from Global cultures through pieces such as Vivaldi's The Four Seasons
  4. Understand the role of music in society

Programme details

Suitable for: Lower secondary students
Cost: Special introductory price untill 31 Dec 2023 for unlimited use per year - $600 + GST (price before 50% subsidy through Tote Board Arts Grant, applicable to MOE schools)
Usage: This programme will be made available from 12 Sep, 10am. Each school will be provided with a set of login details, which can be shared with your students.

For schools only. All MOE schools are able to use the Tote Board Arts Grant to subsidise up to 50% of the programme.

To view a sampler of the programme, click here.

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