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The SSO has turned 40 and we hope that you’re still enjoying our music.

If you’ve loved our concerts, please do consider making a donation for our birthday. Your gift to our national orchestra will give less well-off students and other underserved communities the chance to come to our concerts for free, or on discounted tickets.


Did you know?

Our free concerts and events delight over 45,000 people every year

Ticket revenue accounts for less than 10% of our total budget

To keep our concerts accessible, we keep ticket prices as low as $10


The government and the Tote Board together provide more than half of our funding needs, but a large part of it is in the form of matching funds, where money will only get to us if we raise funds from the public. And that’s you.

So won’t you join us to make a gift of music please?


Make a Donation

If you wish to give to the SSO Annual Appeal through other channels, or receive updates about it, please contact Nikki Chuang at or +65 6602 4238.

*Singapore tax-payers may qualify for 250% tax deduction for donations above $50.