Support the SSO in offering solace and comfort #

The COVID-19 crisis has caused a tremendous impact on all of us. As we adapt to these challenging circumstances, the SSO is determined to continue to offer solace and comfort to our audience through music.

During these unprecedented times, we need your support to keep sharing the music.
Together we can continue to ensure a vibrant future for our national orchestra.

Please help us by making a donation at or at our website.

Your donation will make twice the difference, from dollar-for-dollar matching from the Cultural Matching Fund.

All support is welcomed, and your generosity helps the SSO to play on.

From all of us at the SSO, we thank you for inspiring us.

Donations will enjoy 250% tax deduction (for Singapore tax-payers).
For more information about other benefits such as special invitations to concerts and events, please click here.

For more details, please write to Nikki Chuang at