Bravissimo! December 2019

Highlights from the Singapore Symphony Group

Did you know?

  • • Prime Minister Lee attended the SSO 40th anniversary concert?
  • • Maestro Lan Shui bade farewell to the SSO after 22 years?
  • • SSO performed Bohemian Rhapsody with DPM Heng in the audience?*
  • • 80% of the SSO audience is 49 years and younger?
  • • 8,000 students enjoyed discounted SSO tickets this year?

To learn more interesting things about SSO in 2019, click here for the SSO Turns 40 report card featuring Highlights from the Singapore Symphony Group.

A Look Back

Do you know:

Who the new SSO Chief Conductor is?

How SSO Associate Conductor, Joshua Tan, keeps fit?

Why the violins are seated in front of an orchestra?

Which one of our musicians once lived in a garage?

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