March 2019

SSO Brass Hit Singapore’s Town Centres

By Haslina Hassan & Leong Wenshan

Continuing our celebration of the orchestra’s 40th year, SSO’s travelling brass ensemble caught up with residents in Bedok and Tampines. [read more]

Aboard the “Orchestra Spaceship”

By Haslina Hassan

Little ones aim for infinity and beyond with Captain Alasdair Malloy, Astronaut-Conductor Joshua Tan and the SSO Cosmic Crew. [read more]

"Joshua, you must be crazy to want to be a conductor"

By Leong Wenshan & Peggy Kek

SSO Associate Conductor Joshua Tan is a picture of calm and composure in the concert hall, but he still gets nervous before every performance. Read about what led him to the conductor’s podium and keeps him coming back. [read more]