Bravissimo! March 2022

A Shared Purpose

In an inaugural collaboration with another Institute of Public Character, the SSO-FRCS Joint Fundraising Concert: Serenades with Andrew Litton and Chloë Hanslip was held on 25 February, with special fundraising seats made available to support the SSO and Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore (FRCS)’s Eldercare and Caregivers Centre.

Guest violinist Chloë Hanslip, together with the SSO under the baton of Principal Guest Conductor Andrew Litton, treated the audience to an evening of serenades. The fundraiser was held in conjunction with World Understanding and Peace Day, widely commemorated by Rotarians around the world.

The joint fundraiser marks the common goal and dedication of SSO and FRCS to create a better world. Given the ongoing conflict, it is even more significant that we join Rotarians around the world to commemorate World Understanding and Peace Day each February to promote peace and tolerance globally. The common language of symphonic music serves as a platform to create understanding across the cultures.

- Mr Chng Hak-Peng, Chief Executive Officer, Singapore Symphony Group

FRCS is excited to embark on this fundraising initiative with the SSO in the SSO-FRCS Joint Fundraising Concert: Serenades with Andrew Litton and Chloë Hanslip. All proceeds will go on to benefit FRCS’ Eldercare & Caregivers Centre in the community, as well as the SSO. The partnership offers an excellent opportunity for FRCS to show support for the arts.

- Mr Chew Ghim Bok, Chairman of Foundation of Rotary Clubs Singapore

Over $100,000 was raised through the collaboration to support the orchestra, as well as seniors and caregivers in the community through FRCS. The proceeds were allocated equally between FRCS and SSO.

Ms Low Yen Ling, Minister of State, Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth & Ministry of Trade and Industry graced the evening’s concert.

A huge thank you to our donors for the generous contribution!

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