Bravissimo! October 2022

From Spark to Flame: Nurturing Young Talents

Nurturing talent is an integral part of the Singapore Symphony Group’s mission. With full-scale concerts now restored, our programmes for children have also returned to inspire the next generation of young musicians, choristers and music lovers.

Discover some of these programmes that have taken place over the recent months:

The SSCC Experience

The Singapore Symphony Children’s Choir (SSCC) strives to nurture choral brilliance by fostering values and developing character to ignite passion in young learners. Beyond coaching our choristers, the SSCC offers non-members the chance to experience its holistic training that fine-tunes singing techniques and sparks interest in the young. One instance is The SSCC Experience.

Held over the school holidays on 5 and 6 September 2022 at the Victoria Concert Hall, The SSCC Experience returned to the original format of in-person workshops and lessons. The one-day programme was fully attended by young participants aged eight to 12. Due to the pandemic, the previous iteration was held online.

Through varied singing activities and workshops, The SSCC Experience gave insights into a chorister’s day of rehearsals and training programmes. In addition, fellow members of the SSCC were present to guide the young singers in lessons of scales, pitches and melodies, as well as music and movement that tied singing and expressions together.

To conclude the one-day programme, all young participants presented a choir performance for their friends and families at the iconic Victoria Concert Hall. This gave the budding choristers a chance to demonstrate the vocal techniques acquired from the training, and experience what it was like to perform on stage.

With the newly found passion for singing, young participants can later participate in the SSCC Auditions that usually happen in the same month.

SSO Concerts For Children

Since 2004, the SSO Concerts for Children series has continually introduced orchestral music to the young ones. From witnessing our national orchestra on stage to listening to an entire symphony, these young audience members are able to form their unique impressions of the musicians, instruments, and music at these live concerts.

Held at the Victoria Concert Hall on 10 and 11 September 2022, the Temasek Foundation SSO Concerts for Children: A Musical Tumble Through Time was the latest of the series. The concert featured a theatrical performance that told the story of a wizard and a bird in search of the latter’s song. The symphonies of Mozart, Vivaldi, and more were presented by the SSO, alongside an opera piece by soprano Carine Tan, a Singapore Symphony Youth Choir member.

SSO Babies' Proms

Launched 20 years ago, the popular SSO Babies’ Proms returned to the Victoria Concert Hall on 8 October 2022 for the first time after its hiatus since 2019.

The SSO Babies’ Proms treated children six and below and their parents to familiar, upbeat symphonic music, alongside a range of fun-packed activities. Performed by the SSO, the live symphonies also offered an opportunity to showcase the instruments to the little audience members. A highlight of the show includes inviting some lucky young audience members to conduct our national orchestra on the grand stage. The SSO Babies’ Proms was hosted by Uncle Bill (William Ledbetter) who brought a bout of joy and laughter to the concert hall.

For an all-rounded experience, the SSO Babies’ Proms included hands-on pre-concert activities such as the instrument petting zoo that welcomed toddlers to come up close with instruments seen in an orchestra.

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