National Piano &
Violin Competition 2019


30 Nov - 8 Dec 2019


Victoria Concert Hall
Esplanade Recital Studio

The National Piano & Violin Competition returns for its 12th edition in 2019! This biennial competition celebrates music excellence and is a unique platform to develop the performing skills of our young musicians, improve music standards and identify potential music talents. The 2019 edition will take place from 30 November to 8 December 2019 at the Victoria Concert Hall and Esplanade Recital Studio.

Registration for the 2019 National Piano & Violin Competition will open from 1 April to 12 July 2019, 5pm.

The competition rules and regulations can be downloaded here.

Applications have closed.

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Singapore Symphony Group


National Arts Council Singapore
Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth


Singapore Symphony Orchestra

Dates and venues are subject to change.

*Ticketing details will be published closer to the competition period.



There is no specific limit for each individual piece, as long as the final duration of the combined repertoire is within that of the respective category.

There is no need to play the full programme. Each live round will call for different repertoire, with any selected piece being played only once. For further details on the performance requirements, please refer to the NPVC 2019 Rules & Regulations, page 8 & 9.

The stated timings are recommended durations for each round. While penalties will not be imposed for exceeding the limits, participants may be stopped by the judges after playing more than the required time. Candidates should plan a repertoire that stays as close to the limits as possible.

We allow for truncations of long tutti passages at suitable junctures. The omitted segment will not count towards the performance duration, with only the truncated segment taken into consideration. Please note that the truncated or original versions should remain the same both in the screening and live rounds.

For rounds with a specific year limit, transcriptions of original works may be played only if they were composed during the same time period of the original composer.

For rounds that require original works from a specific composer, do note that transcriptions of the specific composer from other composers will not be allowed. Similarly, works from other composers that have been transcribed by the specific composer will not be allowed.

The year of composition will be taken into consideration when classifying the work.


[Updated 27/6/19] Please submit one video file per piece, with suitable short pauses between movements. Please make sure that all videos are less than 6 months old.

For Junior, Intermediate & Senior categories, your video should contain your Quarter-Final piece, as well as at least one other work you wish to perform in the Semi-Final or Final. Do make sure that it adheres to the time limit provided.

For the Artist category, your video should consist of pieces from at least 2 of the following periods, that you intend to perform at any of the live rounds:

a. Composed before 1760
b. Composed between 1761-1830
c. Composed after 1830

Do try to follow as closely as possible to the time limit given. We will suggest a reselection of your repertoire if your video exceeds the limit substantially.


Cheques may be mailed to us or handed to us in person at the address below:

80 Bencoolen Street, NAFA Tower Block
Singapore 189655

Payee Name: Singapore Symphonia Company Ltd Attn Letter to: National Piano & Violin Competition 2019

Please indicate clearly on the back of the cheques:

Candidate’s full name
Competition category (Eg. Junior)
Indicate payment for Registration Fee OR Practice Session Fee

Should you choose to hand deliver the cheques to us, you may pass them to our colleague at the Singapore Symphony Group reception desk on weekdays, 9:30am-6pm.

As we process the registration and practice session fees separately, we would require two different cheques to be submitted respectively. In the case that the candidate does not proceed to the live rounds, the cheque for the practice session will be returned.

All cheques must be received by 12 July, 5pm. Late applications or cheques will not be entertained. Please note that applications received without accompanying payment by the deadline will be voided.

If you have additional queries which were not addressed in our FAQ, please feel free to drop a query to!


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